Saturday, February 17, 2007

Word made flesh

I am on a panel on liturgical dance on the youth-oriented show, "Different Drummers," on Chicago's WBBM TV Channel 2 at 5AM tomorrow Sunday morning, February 18. The show was taped in advance today and features dancing by Saint Mark's United Methodist Church and Karli Pidgeon, an ordination candidate in the United Methodist Church. Polly Toner interviews Karli and me. She said that the half hour would fly by, and, wow, did it ever. Karli and I were very complementary in our perspectives and insights. It worked out really well.

I want to give credit to Fr. Robert Pawell, O.F.M. at St. Peter's in the Loop for the insight that I shared on the show that the very essence of Christianity -- the Incarnation, God becoming a person, the word made flesh -- supports the notion of embodied prayer, and fights against the dualism of body versus soul. He gave a great talk on "Embodied Prayer & the Labyrinth" which is reprinted in the December 3, 2006 St. Peter's Bulletin. I highly recommend it.

"Different Drummers" is produced by the Greater Chicago Broadcast Ministries, a communications ministry of the Protestant, Orthodox and Episcopal churches of Greater Chicago. Major sponsors include the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the United Church of Christ.

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